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I Support Domestic Workers in Honduras

Domestic workers in Honduras face slave-like conditions. Sixteen hour work days, no holidays. They don't have contracts or minimum wage.

Domestic workers wash, clean, care for our kids and elderly, those with other abilities, our loved ones who are sick. They allow others to do their work. They should be allowed to do their work with dignified work conditions.

The more than 139,000 domestic workers in Honduras allow others to do their work. They must be allowed to do their work too, with decent working conditions.

On November 25, as part of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, the Domestic Workers Network filed two constitutional challenges with the Supreme Court of Justice. Now, the Supreme Court of Justice must admit and rule in their favor without delay.

Join the campaign: Take a picture and add your message:

I support domestic workers in Honduras.
End discrimination against them now!

Upload it to your social networks, putting RTDHonduras, CEM-H, Bufete Justicia para los Pueblos, Secretaria de Trabajo, Poder Judicial on copy. Or, send it to and we will publish it.

Thank you!

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